20th Birthday

Its’s been so long since i use this space. 2014 have been kinda rough for me especially since the start of UNI. Damn getting a degree is 100000 times harder than a diploma.

Apart from that, this week has been really great. It has been so long since i had a birthday celebration like this before. Receiving many presents and birthday surprises by my peers.

You know what i really expect most out of it is just simple sweet birthday messages by my loved ones but for you guys to go the extra mile and making the extra effort to make me happy and enjoy my birthday week (after a really zombified 5 weeks of school) it was really great.

This group of friends are the people that i totally didnt expect them to even organise such stuff and yay boomz they did it. I was totally shocked and surprise. The presents are all amazing especially from Isk,H & N. You guys really are amazing. I wonder how long you guys took to prepare all the stuff you did despite your busy schedules. Thank you really thank you so much.

Apart from that, there were some “friends” who will be over excited for your birthday and keep bugging you asking what you want but on the day itself they don’t seem to even exist. Basically,action speaks louder than words . Don’t even ask if you don’t bother in the first place.


I’m glad for all the people that have been around me during the past 2 weeks. It’s been a rough and tough one. Especially to Joshua for being there every single night just to accompany me and also cheer me up. Coming over to my house just to make sure im ok before going to school.Im definitely going to miss this guy/bro when he goes back to sydney next week. Thank you so much for motivating me and persuading me to go to school despite knowing that im still dissappointed about what had happened. Me in my sober state is totally something that nobody wants to see. One thing to learn from this incident, friends change just with a blink of an eye. 12 years of friendship with joshua and isk, we fight and argue but i just love how we can just laugh it out in less than 5 minutes. Love this two so much and yeah all the friends that have been there for me.